Frequently asked questions:


What is LEGO? And Modulex?

LEGO is an abbreviation of the Danish words 'leg godt', what so much means as 'play well'. This is the well known explanation. Other explanations however exist, e.g. the following: the founder of LEGO, Kirk Christian Andersson, had two sons, Ole and Godfredt. If you take the last two letters of Ole and the first two of Godfredt, you get 'lego'.

Modulex is a smaller, architectural variation of LEGO, meant for maquettes and planbords.

What is CA? And ABS?

CA is short for Cellulose Acetaat. ABS is short for Acrylonitril Butadieen Styreen.

What is pat pend?

Pat pend stands for patent pending, or patent in request. For more information klick here.

What is MISB? And MIB?

MISB stands for Mint In Sealed Box. It means that the LEGO is still in closed (sealed) box. The box has never been opened. Especially wit old LEGO interesting, e.g. because of the inventory of the set (which parts are exactly in this set)?

MIB staands for Mint In Box. De LEGO is not played with, but the box has been opened before, so not sealed anymore.

What is a MOC?

MOC stands for My Own Creation. A self designed model or built by example model of LEGO.

What is an AFOL?

An AFOL is an Adult Fan Of Lego.

Where to buy old LEGO?

There are many places to buy LEGO. On Internet the best international site for LEGO is BrickLink, at which I have my own store as well: leggodt.nl. My store is specialized in pat pend LEGO® from 1949 until 1974.

How to clean (old) LEGO the best way?

The best way to clean LEGO is to put the parts loose in lots of handwarm water with a little washing powder. Do not use liquid washing soap because it keeps sticking to the parts. Stirr a few times but not too many and let it stay for a few hours, or a night long. Wash off with handwarm or cold water and dry on a towel.

Washing in the machine might seem easy but is not a good idea. Because of the many turns of the machine, the parts tubmle against each other and cause fine scratches. The quality and beutiness of the parts are diminishing rapidly.

Do you have another question?

If so please contact me and ask your question.


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